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Volume 31(3); June 2018

Original Articles
83 Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Coated CFRP Composite as a Front Bumper Shield for Hypervelocity Impact Resistance in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Environment
Sarath Kumar Sathish Kumar, Venkat Akhil Ankem, YunHo Kim, Chunghyeon Choi, Chun-Gon Kim
88 Effect to Material Strength Recovery of Stepped Patch Repair with Epoxy based Particle Reinforced GFRP Composites under Hygrothermal Environment
Kyung-Seok Jung, Soo-Jeong Park, Yun-Hae Kim
94 A Facile Approach to Fabrication of Hollow ZnO Nanoparticles
Gwang-Rae Cho, Dong-Hyeon Kim, Dong-Hoon Lee
99 Visualization of Permittivity Distribution in GFRP using Full-Field Scanning Free Space Measurement System
Jong-Min Hyun, Hasan Ahmed, Jung-Ryul Lee
104 Study on Structural Design of Glass/epoxy Composite Blade and Tower of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System
Hyunbum Park
111 Dispersion Characteristics of Magnetic Particle/Graphene Hybrid Based on Dispersant and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Characteristics of Composites
Kyunbae Lee, Junsik Lee, Byung Mun Jung, Sang Bok Lee, Taehoon Kim


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