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Volume 30(2); Apr. 2017

Original Articles
77 Liquid Silicon Infiltrated SiCf/SiC Composites with Various Types of SiC Fiber
Jong Seob Song, Seyoung Kim, Kyeong Ho Baik, Sangkuk Woo, Soo-hyun Kim
84 Thermal and Mechanical Evaluation of Environmental Barrier Coatings for SiCf-SiC Composites
Yeon-Hwa Chae, Heung Soo Moon, Seyoung Kim, Sang Kuk Woo, Ji-Yeon Park, Kee Sung Lee
94 Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics-Ceramic Matrix Composites (UHTC-CMC)
Sea-Hoon Lee, Feng Lun, Kyeongwoon Chung
102 Preceramic Polymer Technology for High Temperature Ceramic Composite and its Application
Yoonjoo Lee, Younghee Kim, Seong Gun Bae, Hyeon Myoung Lee, Kwang Youn Cho, Woo Teck Kwon, Soo Ryong Kim, Doh Hyung Riu, Dong Geun Shin
108 Fabrication of SiCf/SiC Composite by Chemical Vapor Infiltration
Ji Yeon Park, Daejong Kim, Weon-Ju Kim
116 Development of Pilot-Scale Manufacturing Process of SiC Fiber from Polycarbosilane Precursor with Excellent Mechanical Property at Highly Oxidation Condition and High Temperature
B.I. Yoon, W.C. Choi, J.I. Kim, J.S. Kim, H.G. Kang, M.J. Kim
126 Feasibility Check of Textile Sensor Made of P(VDF-TrFE) for Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures
Ji-Hun Bae, Seung-Hwan Chang
132 Failure Characteristics of Carbon/BMI Sandwich Composite Joint under Pull-out Loading
Gyeong-Chan Lee, Young-Ho Choi, Kowan-Woo Lee, Jae-Hoon Sim, Young-In Jung
138 Interfacial Evaluation and Microfailure Sensing of Nanocomposites by Electrical Resistance Measurements and Wettability
Joung-Man Park, Dong-Jun Kwon, Pyeong-Su Shin, Jong-Hyun Kim, Yeong-Min Baek, Ha-Seung Park
145 The Effect of Surface-Modification of Wood Powders by Plasma Treatment of Propylene on the Mechanical Properties of Wood Powder/PP Composites
Dong Lyun Cho, Jong-Rok Ha, Byung Sun Kim, Jin Woo Yi
149 Fracture Analysis of Notched Laminated Composites using Cohesive Zone Modeling
Kyeongsik Woo, Douglas S. Cairns
158 Numerical Study on Performance Evaluation of Impact Beam for Automotive Side-Door using Fiber Metal Laminate
Eu-Tteum Park, Jeong Kim, Beom-Soo Kang, Woo-Jin Song
165 Enhanced Cooling Performance of Polymer Actuators Using Carbon Nanotube Composites
Chengxu Piao, Ji Won Suk


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