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Volume 30(3); June 2017

Original Articles
169 The Effect of Interfacial Properties and RTM Process of Composites with Different Cross-linking Density by Molecular Weight of Hardener
Ha-Seung Park, Pyeong-Su Shin, Jong-Hyun Kim, Yeong-Min Baek, Dong-Jun Kwon, Joung-Man Park
175 Comparison of Mechanical and Interfacial Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Recycled PET Composites with Thermoforming Temperature and Time
Yeong-Min Baek, Pyeong-Su Shin, Jong-Hyun Kim, Ha-Seung Park, Dong-Jun Kwon, Joung-Man Park
181 Comparison of Heating Behavior of Various Susceptor-embedded Thermoplastic Polyurethane Adhesive Films via Induction Heating
Yongsung Kwon, Duckhwan Bae, MinYoung Shon
188 High Temperature Properties of Fiber Reinforced Composites under the Different Loading Conditions
Hu Weiguang, Soo-Jeong Park, Yun-Hae Kim
193 Molecular Dynamics Study on Mechanical Behavior and Load Transfer of CNT/PET Nanocomposites : the Effects of Covalent Grafting
Juho Jin, Seunghwa Yang
202 A Study on Cure Monitoring of Fast Cure Resin RTM Process Using Dielectrometry
Seul-Ki Park, Cheol-Hwan Kim, Jin-Ho Choi
209 Microstructure and Wear Characteristics of TiC-SKD11 Composite Fabricated by Liquid Pressing Infiltration Process
Seungchan Cho, Ilguk Jo, Sang-Kwan Lee, Sang-Bok Lee
215 The Analysis on Properties of Epoxy/MWCNT for Bonding CFRP to Steel Plates
Sung-Hun Yoo, Il-Jun Kwon, Dong-Woo Shin, Sung-Min Park, Jeong-Hyun Yeum
223 Study on Mechanical Properties and Flame Retardancy of Polypropylene Based Self-reinforced Composites
Dong-Woo Lee, Seung-Bhin Park, Jung-Il Song


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