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Volume 31(4); Aug. 2018

Original Articles
117 Fabrication of Ceramic Particulate Reinforced Steel Composites by Liquid Pressing Infiltration Process
Seungchan Cho, Yeong-Hwan Lee, Seongmin Ko, Hyeon Jae Park, Donghyun Lee, Sangmin Shin, Ilguk Jo, Sang-Kwan Lee, Sang-Bok Lee
122 Investigation of Properties of Structural Foam with Different Conformation and via Thermal Aging Condition
Jin-Yeong Choe, Il-Jun Kwon, Sung-Min Park, Dong-Jun Kwon
128 Development of Separation Technology for Adhesively Bonded Hybrid Structures of Metals and Thermoplastic Composites Considering Recycling
Soo-Ho Han*, Hui-Yun Hwang*, Min-Gwan Bae**, Sang-Eon Park**, Hong-Kyu Chang***
133 Investigation of Compressive Strength and Foaming Characteristics of Acid Anhydride Epoxy Foam by Foaming Agent
Dong-Jun Kwon*, Jong-Hyun Kim**, Sung-Min Park*, Il-Jun Kwon*, Joung-Man Park**
139 Design of a Stainless Steel Insert for Mechanical Joining of Long Fiber-reinforced Composite Structures
Sung-Woo Lee, Seung-Hwan Chang
145 Development of Acoustic Emission Training Technique and Localization Method using Q-switched Laser and Multiple Sensors/Single Channel Acquisition
Yunshil Choi, Jung-Ryul Lee
151 A Study on the Strength Evaluation and Defect Detection Capability of Adhesive Joint with CNTs
Tae-Hyeong Kim*, Cheol-Hwan Kim*, Jin-Ho Choi**
156 Study on Evaluation Method of Structural Integrity for Cone-Type Composite Lattice Structures with Hexagonal Cell
Jae-Moon Im*, Seung-Gu Kang*, Kwang-Bok Shin**, Sang-Woo Lee***
161 The Effect of the Fiber Volume Fraction Non-uniformity and Resin Rich Layer on the Rib Stiffness Behavior of Composite Lattice Structures
Min-Song Kang*, Min-Hyeok Jeon*, In-Gul Kim*, Mun-Guk Kim*, Eun-Su Go*, Sang-Woo Lee**
171 Fabrication of Microstructures with Nanocomposites by Capillary Effect
Soo-Ho Han, Hui-Yun Hwang

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