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Volume 30(6); Dec. 2017

Original Articles
331 Compression and Bending Test for the Stiffness of Composite Lattice Subelement
Min-Hyeok Jeon, Min-Song Kang, In-Gul Kim, Mun-Guk Kim, Eun-Su Go, Sang-Woo Lee
338 Study on Evaluation Method of Structural Integrity of Cylindrical Composite Lattice Structures
Jae-Moon Im, Seung-Gu Kang, Kwang-Bok Shin, Sang-Woo Lee
343 Multifield Variational Finite Element Sectional Analysis of Composite Beams
Manoj Kumar Dhadwal, Sung Nam Jung
350 Development of Highly Thermal Conductive Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resins Bearing Phenylcyclohexyl Mesogenic Moieties
Iseul Jeong, Youngsu Kim, Munju Goh
356 Study on Application of Ultrasonic Propagation Imager for Non-destructive Evaluation of Composite Lattice Structure
Jae-Yoon Park, Hye-Jin Shin, Jung-Ryul Lee
365 Improvement of Physical Properties for Carbon Fiber/PA 6,6 Composites
Seung A Song, Seung Yoon On, Go Eun Park, Seong Su Kim
371 A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on Hygroelastic behavior of Thermosetting Epoxy
Sunyong Kwon, Man Young Lee, Seunghwa Yang
379 Thermal and Mechanical Properties of OG POSS Filled DGEBA/DDM
Chunghyeon Choi, YunHo Kim, Sarath Kumar Sathish Kumar, Chun-Gon Kim
384 Design and Verification of a Novel Composite Sandwich Joint Structure
393 Polymerization Shrinkage Distribution of a Dental Composite during Dental Restoration Observed by Digital Image Correlation Method
Jung-Hoon Park, Nak-Sam Choi
399 A Study on Manufacturing of the Long Fiber-reinforced Thermoplastic (LFT) Automotive Under Cover Using the In-line Compounding (ILC) Technology
Kyu-Se Lee, Kyung-Sick Lee
406 Interlaminar Normal Stress Effects in Cylindrical Tubular Specimens of Graphite/Epoxy [45]s Composites
Deuk Man An
410 Prediction of Spring-in Deformation of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite by Thermal Residual Stress
Yong-Seung Kim, Wie-Dae Kim
416 A Study on Bonding Process for Improvement of Adhesion Properties Between CFRP-Metal Dual Materials
Dong-Jun Kwon, Sung-Min Park, Joung-Man Park, Il-Jun Kwon
422 Degradation Characteristics of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Embedded Nanocomposites Sung Ho
Sung Ho Yoon, Ji Hye Park

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