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Volume 31(1); Feb. 2018

Original Articles
1 Tensile Strength of Composite Laminate Repaired Using Heat-blanket and a Novel Pressurization System
Song-Su Chae*, Gwang-Eun Lee*, Hyonsu Ahn**, Jin-Ho Choi*, Jin-Hwe Kweon*
8 Synergistic Effect in Mechanical Properties of Sheet Molding Compound via Simultaneous Incorporation of Glass Fiber and Glass Bubble Fillers
Ye Ji Noh*, Yong Cheol Lee**, Taewon Hwang*
12 Study on the Prediction of Dimension Variation due to the Temperature Rises of the Composite Material and Box Beam Type Mold Steel
Ho-Sang Kim*, Chan-Hee Lee*, Won-Gi Lee*
17 A Study on Adhesion Characteristics of Co-cured Long Fiber Prepreg Sheet-Aluminum Hybrid Structures
Sung-Woo Lee*, Seung-Hwan Chang*
23 A Study on the Proper Resin Film Thickness in RFI Process
S.H. Yoon*,**, J.W. Lee*, J.S. Kim*, W.D. Kim**, M.K. Um*
30 Study of the Curing Reaction Rate of a Glass Fiber Reinforced Bisphenol-A (BPA) Epoxy Prepreg by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
Hyeon-Jin Kwon*, Hee-Jung Park**, Eun-Ju Lee*, Sang-Min Ku***, Seon-Hong Kim***, Kee-Yoon Lee*
37 Development of the Piecewisely-integrated Composite Bumper Beam Based on the IIHS Crash Analysis
Chan-Hee Jeong*, Seok-Wu Ham*, Gyeong-Seok Kim**, Seong S. Cheon*

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