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Composites Research. 2018 31(3): 99-103
ⓒ The Journal of the Korean Society for Composite Materials
Visualization of Permittivity Distribution in GFRP using Full-Field Scanning Free Space Measurement System
Jong-Min Hyun, Hasan Ahmed, Jung-Ryul Lee
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
전영역 스캐닝 자유공간 측정 시스템을 이용한 GFRP의 유전율 분포 가시화
현종민, Hasan Ahmed, 이정률

This paper visualizes the full-field permittivity distribution at the standard specimens having known electromagnetic characteristics using a scanning free space measurement (SFSM) system. First, in the two Teflon specimens with different thicknesses, the real and loss tangent of permittivity could be measured and the results agreed to the theoretical and other measurement values. Then the system has been applied to Glass/epoxy and visualized different permittivity distribution depending on the material kind. Therefore, this approach will overcome the point measurement limitation of FSM and can be used for even sub-structural full-field electromagnetic evaluation of stealth and radome structures.
Key words : Full-Field scanning free space measurement system, Standard specimen, Permittivity, Electromagnetic wave, Visualization, Stealth
중심단어 : 전영역 스캐닝 자유공간 측정 시스템, 표준 시편, 유전율, 전자기파, 가시화, 스텔스

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