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Composites Research. 2018 31(6): 304-310
ⓒ The Journal of the Korean Society for Composite Materials
Evaluation of Physical and Mechanical Properties based on Liquid Composite Molding
Dong-Cheol Park, Tai-Gon Kim, Seung-Hyeok Kim, Do-Hoon Shin, Hyeon-Woo Kim, Joong-won Han
Tech Center, Korean Air, Songwol Technologies
액상성형공정별 물리적/기계적 특성 비교 평가
박동철, 김태곤, 김승혁, 신도훈, 김현우, 한중원
Tech Center, Korean Air, Songwol Technologies

Autoclave process has been remaining as one of the most robust and stable process in fabricating structural composite part of aerospace industry. It has lots of advantages, however exhibits some disadvantages or limitations in capital investment and operation. Recently, there have been various Out-of-Autoclave process being researched and developed to overcome those limitations. In this study, laminate specimens were fabricated using LCM (Liquid Composite Molding) process, regarded as one of potential OoA process. DB (Double bagging), CAPRI (Controlled Atmospheric Pressure Resin Infusion), VAP (Vacuum Assisted Process) and Autoclave process were used for laminate specimens. Void content, Thickness, Tg (Glass Transition Temperature), ILSS (Interlaminar Shear Strength) and Flexural strength properties were evaluated for comparison. It is verified that Autoclave based specimen has uniform thickness distribution, the lowest void content and outstanding mechanical properties. And, CAPRI based specimen exhibits relatively good physical and mechanical properties over DB and VAP based specimen and comparable mechanical properties with autoclave based specimen.
Key words : OoA, Liquid Composite Molding, VaRTM, CAPRI, VAP
중심단어 : 탈 오토클레이브, 액상성형, VaRTM, CAPRI, VAP

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