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Composites Research. 2018 31(6): 379-384
ⓒ The Journal of the Korean Society for Composite Materials
Study on the Flow Characteristics of the Epoxy Resin w.r.t. Sizing Materials of Carbon Fibers
Su-Hyun Lim, Seung Yoon On, Seong-Su Kim
Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
탄소섬유 사이징에 따른 에폭시 수지 유동 특성에 관한 연구
임수현, 온승윤, 김성수
Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST

This paper aims to study flow characteristics of epoxy resin w.r.t. the sizing agents treated on the carbon fibers which have the same surface morphologies before sizing treatment. Dynamic contact angle (DCA) was measured to evaluate wettability of a single carbon fiber. Wicking test and Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) were performed to find relation between DCA measurement results and impregnation characteristics. In addition, surface properties of the carbon fibers such as surface free energy and chemical compositions were measured and interfacial shear strength (IFSS) between the carbon fiber and the resin were experimentally characterized by using micro-droplet tests. According to these experimental results, the sizing agent for carbon fibers should have appropriate level of surface free energy and good chemical compatibility with the resin to reconcile resin flow characteristics and interfacial strength.
Key words : Sizing materials of carbon fiber, Resin flow, Dynamic contact angle, Surface free energy
중심단어 : 탄소섬유의 사이징제, 수지 유동, 동적 접촉각, 표면 에너지

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