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Composites Research. 2019 32(1): 13-20
ⓒ The Journal of the Korean Society for Composite Materials
A Study on Selective Composite Patch for Light Weight and Quality Improvement of Battery Module
Seung-Chan Lee, Sung Kyu Ha
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University
배터리 모듈의 경량화 및 품질 향상을 위한 선택적 복합재료 패치에 관한 연구
이승찬, 하성규
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University

In this study, in order to improve the quality issue and component characteristics of the battery module, which is one of the major parts of the electric vehicle. The structure is reinforced by using the composite material and the mechanism structure optimization of Hybrid concept which can overcome the disadvantages of single material was performed and the performance was compared. For this purpose, figure out the main design variables of composite materials according to Classical Laminated Plate Theory (CLPT) and the algorithm for predicting composite material properties have been studied. Based on the mechanical properties of the designed composite materials, finite element analysis (FEM) and the performance of the battery module was verified. Consequently, according to the verification result, Hybrid Battery Module reinforced with Selective Composite Patch can reduce the weight by 30% and reduce the product thickness by 32.5% compared with the existing Al battery module and proved the merit of Hybrid structure such as maintaining impact performance.
Key words : Composite Materials, Finite element analysis, Selective composite patch, Battery module, Classical Laminated Plate Theory
중심단어 : 복합재료, 유한요소해석, 선택적 복합재료 패치, 배터리 모듈, 고전 적층 판 이론

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