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Composites Research. 2019 32(1): 21-28
ⓒ The Journal of the Korean Society for Composite Materials
Development of Lightweight Composite Sub-frame in Automotive Chassis Parts Considering Structure & NVH Performance
Doo-Heun Han, Sung Kyu Ha
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University
구조 및 NVH 성능을 고려한 복합재료 서브프레임 개발
한두헌, 하성규
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University

Recently, according to environmental regulations, the automobile industry has been conducting various research on the use of composite materials to increase fuel efficiency. However, there has not been much research on lightweight chassis components. Therefore, in this research, the purpose of this study is to apply composite materials to the sub-frame of chassis components to achieve equivalent levels of stiffness, strength, NVH performance and 50% lightweight compared to the steel sub-frame. First, the Natural frequency of steel and composite specimens was compared to the damping characteristics of composite materials. Then, in this study, the Lay-up Sequence was derived to maximize the stiffness and strength of the sub-frame by applying composite materials. And this lay-up Sequence is proposed to avoid heat shrinkage due to curing during manufacturing. This process was designed based on a FEM structural analysis, and a Natural frequency and frequency response function graph was confirmed based on a modal analysis. The prototype type composite sub-frame was manufactured based on the design and the F.E.M analysis was verified through a modal experiment. Furthermore, it was fitted to the actual vehicle to verify the natural frequency and the indoor noise vibration response, including idling and road noise. This result was confirmed to be equivalent to the steel sub-frame. Finally, the composite sub-frame weight was confirmed to be about 50% of the steel sub-frame.
Key words : Composite materials, Chassis Part, Sub-frame, Noise Vibration Harshness
중심단어 : 복합재료, 샤시부품, 서브프레임, NVH

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