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Composites Research. 2019 32(3): 148-157
ⓒ The Journal of the Korean Society for Composite Materials
Study on Improvement of Mechanical Property, Oxidation and Erosion Resistance of SiC Matrix Ceramic Composites Reinforced by Hybrid Fabric Composed of SiC and Carbon Fiber
Byungil Yoon, Myeongju Kim, Jaesung Kim, Hyangjoo Kwon, Sungtae Youn, Jungil Kim
Dacc Carbon Co., Ltd
탄화규소섬유와 탄소섬유 하이브리드 직물을 강화재로 한 SiC 매트릭스 세라믹복합재의 기계적물성, 산화 및 삭마 저항성 개선 연구
윤병일, 김명주, 김재성, 권향주, 윤성태, 김정일
Dacc Carbon Co., Ltd

In this study, Cf/SiC, SiCf/SiC and Cf-SiCf/SiC ceramic composites reinforcing carbon fiber, SiC fiber and hybrid fiber were fabricated by hybrid TGCVI and PIP process. After the thermal shock cycle, 3-point bending and Oxy-Acetylene torch test, their mechanical behavior, oxidation and erosion resistance were evaluated. The Cf/SiC composite showed a decrease in mechanical property along with increasing temperature, a pseudo-ductile fracture mode and a large quantity of erosion. The SiCf/SiC composite exhibited stronger mechanical property and lower erosion rate compared to the Cf/SiC, but brittle fracture mode. On the other hand, hybrid type of Cf-SiCf/SiC composite gave the best mechanical property, more ductile failure mode than the SiCf/SiC, and lower erosion rate than the Cf/SiC. During the Oxy-Acetylene torch test, the SiO2 formed by reaction of the SiC matrix with oxygen prevented further oxidation or erosion of the fibers for Cf-SiCf/SiC and SiCf/SiC composites particularly. In conclusion, if a hybrid composite with low porosity is prepared, this material is expected to have high applicability as a high temperature thermo-structural composite under high temperature oxidation atmosphere by improving low mechanical property due to the oxidation of Cf/SiC and brittle fracture mode of SiCf/SiC composite.
Key words : SiC Fiber, Hybrid Fabric, CMC, Thermal shock cycle test, Oxidation resistance, Erosion
중심단어 : 탄화규소섬유, 하이브리드 직물, 세라믹복합재, 열충격싸이클시험, 산화저항성, 옥시아세틸렌 토취시험, 삭마

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