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  • Preparation and Analysis of the Deployment Behavior of Shape Memory Polymer Composite Antennas
  • Yongsan An, Jinsu Kim, Nam Seo Goo, Miseon Park, Yeontae Kim, Jong Kyoo Park, Woong-Ryeol Yu
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Research Institute of Advanced Materials, Seoul National University, Department of Advanced Technology Fusion, Konkuk University, Agency for Defense Development
  • 형상기억고분자 복합재료 안테나의 제조 및 전개 거동 분석
  • 안용산, 김진수, 구남서, 박미선, 김연태, 박종규, 유웅열
Shape memory polymer composites have been studied for deployable antennas in space because they have advantages of lightweight, large deformability, good processability, and low cost. In this research, shape memory polymer composites (SMPCs) were manufactured using carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as reinforcements and were used to fabricate SMPC antenna. The SMPCs were prepared by dispersing CNTs in the polymer matrix. Various dispersion methods were investigated to determine the most suitable one, focusing on the mechanical properties of SMPCs including their fracture behavior. The shape memory properties of SMPCs were measured and finally, the deployment behavior of the SMPC antenna was analyzed.

형상기억고분자 복합재료는 가볍고, 변형률이 크며, 좋은 가공성과 비용적인 측면에서의 장점으로 우주환경에서 사용되는 전개형 안테나 재료로의 활용이 검토되고 있다. 본 연구에서는 탄소나노튜브를 보강재로 하여 물성이 향상된 형상기억고분자 복합재료를 제조하고, 이를 사용하여 전개형 안테나를 제작하였다. 탄소나노튜브를 형상기억고분자 기지재 안에 분산시키기 위해 다양한 방법이 사용되었고 물성적인 측면에서 우수한 분산 방법을 탐색하였다. 이렇게 제조된 형상기억고분자 복합재료의 형상기억거동을 평가하였고 형상기억고분자 복합재료 안테나의 전개 거동을 분석하였다.

Keywords: Shape memory polymer composite, Carbon nanotube, Shape memory polymers, Deployable antenna

Keywords: 형상기억고분자 복합재료, 탄소나노튜브, 형상기억고분자, 전개형 안테나

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    Published on Dec 31, 2018

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