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  • Development of Composite Tape-Springs for Deployable Structures
  • Yeong-Bae Kim*, Geunsung Jung*,**, Do-won Kim*, Han-Sol Choi*, Jae Hyuk Lim*†

  • * Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jeonbuk National University
    ** Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency

  • 전개장치용 복합재료 테이프 스프링 개발
  • 김영배* · 정근성*, ** · 김도원* · 최한솔* · 임재혁*†

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In this paper, development of tape-springs made of composite materials was conducted for the deployment structures along with design, analysis, fabrication, and numerical and experimental investigation of mechanical behavior of the tape-springs. To this end, the tape-springs were manufactured according to three stacking patterns, and numerical and experimental investigation were conducted to determine whether or not they were damaged during bending with various selected composite materials. Finally, optimal stacking patterns that do not cause damage were selected during bending. With this information, the four-point bending test was conducted to obtain the moment-rotation curves. From results, it was confirmed that the nonlinear hysteresis phenomenon of the tape-springs was properly realized according to folding and unfolding. Therefore, it was confirmed that the composite material tape spring was properly developed

본 논문에서는 전개장치용 복합재료 테이프 스프링 개발을 위해 테이프 스프링의 설계, 해석, 제작 및 기계적 특성을 검토하였다. 이를 위해 다양한 복합재료 소재를 선정하고 3개의 적층 패턴에 따라 제작하여 굽힘 시 파손여부를 구조해석과 실험적으로 검토하였다. 이중 파손이 발생하지 않고 잘 굽혀지는 소재와 적층 패턴을 선정하였다. 이렇게 확보된 정보를 이용해 전개구조물용 테이프 스프링을 개발하고 4점 굽힘 시험을 통해 구조적인 특성을 검토하였다. 시험 결과로부터 굽힘과 펴짐에 따라 모멘트-회전 곡선에서 테이프 스프링 고유의 비선형 히스테리시스 현상이 적절히 구현됨을 확인하였다. 따라서 복합재료 테이프 스프링이 적절히 개발된 것을 확인하였다

Keywords: 테이프 스프링(Tape-spring hinge), 복합재료(Composite materials), 전개 장치(Deployable structure), 파손 기준(Failure criteria), 인공위성(Satellites)

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