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  • A Study on the Bonding Process of Carbon Fiber-Thermoplastic Composite Using Induction Heating Technology
  • Chang-Soo Kang*, Myeong-Han Yoo*, Min-Kang Seo*, Bo-Kyung Choi*†

  • Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency (KCARBON)

  • 유도가열 기술을 이용한 탄소섬유-열가소성 복합재의 접합 공정에 관한 연구
  • 강창수* · 유명한* · 서민강* · 최보경*†

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: In this study, thermoplastic composites were manufactured using a thermoplastic resin (PEEK) with the same melting temperature and a highly heat-resistant carbon UD tapes with different carbon fibers (Type A, Type B). And the bonding characteristics and mechanical characteristics of each of the two produced thermoplastic composites by induction heating welding were examined. The bonding characteristics and mechanical characteristics of the thermoplastic composites were performed using C-Scan and B-Scan, which is a non-destructive inspection, and the single lap shear test, respectively. The temperature of the carbon composites surface was monitored using a thermal image camera

본 연구에서는 동일한 열가소성 수지(PEEK)와 각기 다른 탄소섬유(Type A, Type B) UD 테이프를 이용하여 열가소성 복합재를 제작하고 제작된 각각 2개의 복합재를 유도가열 용접방식에 따라 접합 특성 및 기계적 특성에 대하여 고찰하였다. 복합재의 접합 특성과 기계적 특성은 비파괴검사인 C-Scan, B-Scan과 전단 강도(Single lap shear)를 각각 측정하였고, 열화상 카메라를 이용하여 시편 표면의 온도를 모니터링 하였다

Keywords: 유도가열(Induction heating), 용접(Welding), 열가소성 복합재(Thermoplastic composite), 탄소섬유(Carbon fiber)

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